The Mind Revolution and the Kosmodrome

The Mind Revolution is a 3 day weekend immersion program using the latest advances in virtual and augmented reality. Limiting beliefs are replaced with powerful life affirming states. An experiential workshop that will peel away the layers of doubt, drab and apathy that are holding you back from becoming a vibrant purposeful and passionate self. The Kosmodrome Experience is an immersive and interactive experience combining Trance Music and Accelerated learning protocols designed to break up old habits, restore confidence and increase self esteem. The Mind Revolution is an experiential group based exercise where you get to design a strategic game game to happily achieve your goals and dreams.

At the Mind Revolution/Kosmodrome you will:

Eliminate unwanted beliefs.

Reduce addictions and compulsions.

Achieve Peak/Flow states.

Learn the strategies of top performers.

Develop and sustain strong rapport with others.

Have more control over your emotions and your mind.

and much more....

The price for the 3 day program is $795.

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TRS Studios
27 William St. 3rd Floor
New York , New York 10004

Jan 12-14, 2018

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The Mind Revolution